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Murder on Lido Drive

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 1

Caro Austin looked forward to moving from California back to her childhood home in Alabama, but she soon discovers her quiet neighborhood of Evergreen Heights has been plagued with murders. Are they connected…and will Caro be the next victim? Join Caro as she meets her new neighbors, one of whom is a killer.

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Murder at the Vilmont

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 2

Caro Austin is still settling into her new home, as well as new relationship with Prentiss Tompkins, when a local hairdresser is murdered. Caro knows it’s usually the spouse who did it, but when the husband turns up dead as well, she and Prentiss set out to find the killer. Along the way, the pair face a suspicious duo of funeral directors, an amorous female barkeep, and a police captain who’s determined to see his rival Prentiss out of the picture...not to mention a Halloween appearance by the Grim Reaper. Can you solve the mystery before Caro? 

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Murder at Biscuit Village

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 3

Mystery writer Caro Austin has never had the pleasure of dining at Biscuit Village. Her first meal there proves memorable for more than the menu; the short order cook is murdered just minutes after she and Prentiss leave the eatery. The police are calling it robbery, but Caro isn’t so sure. Join Caro as she rumbles around in the skeletons of a very rich family’s closet in her attempt to ferret out the truth that may just signal the end of her own romance.

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Murder on the Plaza

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 4

Caro's college pal Ronnie is accused of wantonly killing a felon after a police chase. Not sure what to believe, she's on her own for the first time since her split with Prentiss. Can she save Ronnie...and does she really want to?

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Murder on the Mountain

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 5

Caro Austin's neighbor has committed suicide after a long battle with mental health problems--or has she? Caro becomes drawn in when she soon finds herself a suspect in the death of a sex offender, with only attorney Prentiss Tompkins to defend her. Nothing is as it seems in this case of decades old crime, child molestation, impersonation, and even a possible rekindled romantic flame. This may be Caro's last chance to find happiness; will she take it?

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Murder of a Vampire

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 6

When Prentiss' ex-girlfriend recruits him to help her brother, Caro isn't exactly thrilled...until she learns the young man has been accused of killing a vampire. Can Caro help solve the case before her fiance' becomes too deeply involved with his old flame?

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Murder in the Chapel

Caro Loves a Mystery Series Book 7

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